Thursday Vignettes, Vol. 2

I decided I like the short list of random occurrences thing, so I declare that it's now a series. If you find them dreadfully boring, I'm sorry. I like having this blog as a stockpile of memories, and while these may not be important in the grand scheme of things, I like to have a record of everyday things too!

1. Gas prices at the best location of all time (Costco...duh) dropped way down to $1.89, so naturally the gas lines are really long. Most cars, including ours, have gas caps on the left side of the car, so the lines were the longest for pumps on that side, and Costco only allows one-way traffic through the pumps. We, however, thwarted the system.

2. Yesterday I walked into the bathroom to start getting ready for the day, and I immediately had "one of these things is not like the other..." running through my head.

3. Like we do on most Wednesdays, we had movie night last night to kick off a six-week series of watching Episode 1 through Episode 6 of Star Wars before the release of Episode 7. (Nerd alert: you've been warned.) Anyway, we had waffles and bacon for dinner, and we decided to do bacon in the oven since making it on the stove would take awhile for four people. Despite the fact that nothing was burning and the vent was on, the fire alarm went off and wouldn't stop until we waved a towel under it. We thought that was the end of it, but last night at 3am it went off again, which woke us up with a start. It beeped three times, and then stopped. Mysterious.

4. When we moved into our house, our realtor gave us a lovely planter of a variety of succulents. They were small, and I put them in the sunniest location I could so that they got plenty of light. Apparently the conditions weren't quite right for them though, because they've grown into monsters. 

That's all for now...happy Thursday!