Business Casual

Last night, Chaz and I were discussing the personal skills that we to work toward while we're in the workforce. For me, that skill is a rather specific one: I want to succeed at looking not awkward while standing and talking to someone. 

I've gone through a variety of poses in my head while thinking about it, and each one seems worse than the last.

Option 1: Crossed Arms


This doesn't seem like a good one, because it can often appear defensive and off-putting. It could potentially be acceptable if leaning up against a wall though, so it gets points for that.

Option 2: Arms at Sides


Probably the most logical option. HOWEVER. Maybe it's just me and my need to go see a chiropractor, but leaving my arms at my sides always makes me look like I have bad posture, but throwing my shoulders back is actually very uncomfortable.  So then I just stand there looking like I'm having an internal battle with my shoulders, and....awkward.

Option 3: Pockets


This is a great option! have pockets. Most of the time I'm wearing a dress, and dresses often don't have pockets. If they do, it looks weird to stuff your hands into dress pockets, so while I will never waver in how much I love dresses with pockets (to the moon and back!), they don't really do anything for me in this case.

So what's left? What secret am I missing? Some people just seem to be born with an innate understanding of how to control themselves to look suave all the time, and I guess I'm just not one of them. Help.