A Wedding

I wasted nearly all of my available blogging time this morning reading through the ancient blog. For the most part if just confirmed that I went through a weird emo period after my senior year - all the posts became very short and were apparently focused on random things I found on the internet. Even I got bored, and past-me was the one writing it. My apologies, former blog readers.

Nevertheless, I did find some good material. Namely, I found a couple of pictures of me and Heidi (who got married last weekend) as little kids.

Those were the beautiful days full of everything that childhood should be full of. 

Heidi and I sort of fell out of contact sometime in middle school. I'm honestly not sure what happened, but I have wished ever since that I had had the presence of mind as a middle schooler to run after the good things in my life with purpose, because not doing so was a mistake. Nevetheless, we got back in touch a little bit in college, and that was wonderful. An then last weekend, she got married. 

It was the most perfect of fall days in Vermont. 

Almost cloudless, with just the right amount of chill in the air, with enough sunlight to keep everyone comfortable. The leaves were far more vibrant than the picture above would indicate. 

Heidi was beautiful, the ceremony was perfect, and everyone present was overjoyed to witness it. Phil is a lucky man.

After the ceremony we all headed down the hill to the tent for the reception. Everyone had brought food to share, which I thought was exactly the way a wedding should be. It's a celebration of a sacred event with the gathering and support of family and friends, and because it was so laid back, that's what we were all able to focus on. 

The afternoon finished with cake and toasts, as all weddings do. Such an event was a beautiful culmination of the years of childhood and growth that I'd had the privilege of witnessing growing up, and it was an honor to be present.

And so, to Heidi and Phil, I wish you the very best. May God bless your marriage through all the many years to come!