1. This past Monday - since it was a holiday - we finally took the time to dig out the fire pit that the previous house owners had claimed was present in our backyard. There was indeed something that looked like a pile of rocks topped with a pile of dead wood covered by overgrown bushes back there, but until we dug it all out, I hadn't really believed there would be anything functional present. Lo and's entirely functional, and it's entirely awesome. Fall campfires with s'mores will no doubt be in our future. The near's getting chilly.

2. Every week we try to do a movie night with some of our friends from work. We make dinner and then eat it while watching our movie. Last night we made spaghetti and meatballs and watched Mad Max: Fury Road. Have you seen it? It's...weird.

3. Also last night, I lost one of my earrings forever. I was washing my face as I got ready for bed, and somehow the washcloth caught my earring and shot it forward into the sink. We don't have a drain cover on that sink, and so it fell with a plop right down the drain, never to be recovered. Fortunately, I had made that particular pair, so if push comes to shove, I can make another time I'm in Washington.

4. Speaking of Washington, we're going out there for Christmas. We're leaving in 62 days, and I'm clearly counting down already. Mostly because a vacation is much-needed, and that's the first one in sight (apart from Thanksgiving, of course!). 

5. The brother made it to Sacramento. Hooray!

6. On Tuesday, we drove into the parking lot at work only to find that it was covered in Canadian geese. I thought I had gotten rid of those guys when graduating from Gordon, but apparently they followed me to the office, those accursed beasts. In any case, we got the last available spot. The rest were claimed by the geese as their own.


That's all, folks.