Monday Meandering

Monday, man. What a day of the week. Our Monday has thus far included both a nap and a doctor visit involving a baby (ahem: mine) who managed to pee on the mat at the door in the exam room, so I'll give it a solid C. Could be worse, could be better. Upon arriving at home, the vaccine aftermath wasn't so bad either:


Thanks for the quasi-emo high quality photo, light-blocking shades. 

We'll follow that up with an epsom salt bath later and I suspect all with be right with the world.

In other news, the Bachelorette is on tonight and I'm more than a little ashamed to admit I will probably be watching. Chaz has meetings on Monday nights, and so I need SOMETHING to do. It would undoubtedly be much more productive and/or enriching to pursue a creative enterprise during that time, but sometimes a good brainless show is just the ticket to think about nothing for awhile. Please tell me that I'm not alone so that I can assuage my guilt.

I'm going to end this rather pointless, rambly post while we're ahead behind and finish up with a picture of Elise wearing my glasses. I needed an extra dose of it in my life, so perhaps you did too.