Taking Stock

I've seen all the Real Bloggers do Taking Stock posts every once in awhile. A quick Google search revealed that it may have originated here, but that's a bit of a guess, I admit. (It was a very quick search.) Despite the fact that I do not consider myself a Real Blogger, I thought it would be fun to do one of my own. Because why not, right? I'm once again trying to make writing a consistent thing over here, because a) it's a nice thing to do during nap times, b) I like having a record of what's going on in our lives, and c) I have to keep up my typing skills somehow. Pretty sure typing is like riding a bike and you never really forget, but I'm also a fan of typing fast and THAT might slip. Priorities. Gotta keep 'em straight.

So without further ado, here's my stock-taking:

  • Making: sourdough starter! I'm on my second attempt. My first grew mold and I had to start over...
  • Cooking: oatmeal bread. Not sure if that counts as "cooking," since it's technically baking, but that's what's I'm creating to eat at the moment. Since sourdough starter/bread takes several days to make, I needed a good interim bread that I could make in a day! 
  • Drinking: water. So much water. Feeding a baby is extraordinarily dehydrating, but that also means excessive bathroom runs. And here I thought I was done with that after giving birth...
  • Reading: this book! It's my absolute favorite and I'm now reading it for the second time. Also the Bible...sort of. I'm trying to read through it in a year, but I'm currently 13 days behind. I can catch up, I can catch up, I can catch up...
  • Wanting: a little more sleep. If the current trend holds fast, I *might* actually get more as well!
  • Looking: outside, but staying inside because it's so freaking hot. I'm not built for 90+ degree weather.
  • Wishing: that far-away friends were nearer. We're now six years post-college and the distance is still too far.
  • Enjoying: being home with Elise more than I expected I would. Watching her grow is rather miraculous. 
  • Waiting: for the next six hours to pass so we can officially start the weekend! Days when all three of us are home are the best days.
  • Loving: the way Elise sleeps with her feet tucked up under her. She's a tummy sleeper (despite all current sleep recommendations), and it's the cutest thing.
  • Watching: Anne with an E. I started watching it (another napping activity, although a very sedentary one!) and I like it a lot even though they took some clear liberties with the plot.
  • Pondering: how my tiny baby already has a personality...she's an introvert and a homebody, and it's a good encouragement for me to make sure that keeping a cozy, happy, warm home is a priority.
  • Wearing: Casual clothes every day! The novelty of not wearing office attire four out of five week days hasn't worn off yet.
  • Noticing: that the summer is slipping away fast. I'm much more inclined to spend time outside doing things when the temperature isn't so hot, so I'm not too sad about it. Bring on the fall! Too soon?
  • Knowing: that these early months are going so fast. I want to cherish them while they last. 
  • Thinking: about anniversary gift-giving. Our third anniversary is this week and I think I've narrowed down what I'm going to do!
  • Feeling: content. Tired. Happy. Quiet. All of that mixed together.