Fashion Problems

I started writing about politics today, and then I decided that a) my thoughts weren't quite well-formed enough to make a compelling...thing (case in point), and b) that's far too heavy for a Wednesday morning. Instead, I'm writing about my corduroy dilemma. 

Here's the deal: I have three pairs of pants: one pair of good jeans, one pair of less good/work outside jeans, and one pair of black pants. That's alright, but I really want to add a pair of corduroys to round out my small collection. Usually, Gap is my go-to place for pants. Here's what they've got...

Option 1: A pair of skinny cords in a good color, but that look too tight even for the size 00 model.

Option 2: A pair of boot cut cords in an ok fit, but in no good colors:

Nordstrom had some options, but they were about $150 too expensive. J.Crew also had some good options, but I know from past experience that unless they're juuuuust the right pair, they're always going to be about two inches too short on me. They've also got the same problem as Nordstrom + pricing, but they're a bit more likely to have a decent sale. 

So tell me! Are cords just not cool anymore? Should I wait until next year? Or are there other places that will have good options? Maybe it's too early in the season and all the good cords are coming later? This is clearly a matter of life or death.