Lately in the Woodstock Household...

...we actually have a house in which to have a household! How 'bout that.

This whole shindig went down pretty fast. We started looking at houses sometime in March, and for about two weeks, we didn't see anything. One Saturday we sat down, took a look at Zillow, and found this one. There was an open house the following day, which was the first "showing." The pictures looked pretty nice, but based on others we'd seen so far, we didn't get our hopes up too high.

On Sunday, we went to the open house, and we just KNEW. We called our realtor on the way home, had an offer in that afternoon, and had it accepted that night. After that, we wrote a check for what felt like our life savings, moved out of our little apartment and across a few towns, and as of May 14th, started calling this new place our home.

Moving itself was a four-day-long extravaganza. My arms were sore for days afterward, but I guess there were SOME exciting moments. Chaz learned to drive a big truck, for example:

We also had some very gracious helpers, and they successfully acquired and moved a piano:


We spent a good number of hours cleaning:

And after that we spent more hours putting things away (an on-going project, if I'm being honest):

We've also spent an unmeasurable amount of time at Home Depot:

But despite all of that, we're exceptionally grateful to have a more permanent roof over our heads, a place to host family and friends, and a lovely domicile to transform into a emptied box at a time.