Little Things

Another one of my favorite bloggers announced she was going to be shutting down her blog yesterday. In reality, she hadn't blogged in several months so stopping officially won't be that much of a change, but made me sad that there's no hope of it returning anymore. Naturally, it made me wonder why I keep blogging, especially after such a long hiatus. I don't really have aspirations to be one of the bloggers with tens of thousands of followers - I don't think I want to be that much in the spotlight - but writing is always more fun if there is an audience, even if it's very small. 

But with or without an audience, that's not why I like blogging. I think the biggest reason is just that I like having a record of our daily life. Sometimes that includes big things like our wedding or medium things like traveling, but most of the time it's just the small things of our normal, everyday life. 

Yesterday, everyday life looked like arriving home from work and cooking breakfast for dinner, which we do almost once per week. Chaz makes the eggs, I make the bacon, and each time we do that we try to add one more side to the meal. This round, the side was hash browns, which turned out far more successfully than my first attempt, which burned despite following the directions. Nonstick pans DO make a difference, apparently. 

Breakfast was followed by some leftover Halloween candy, and eventually we went to bed. All in all, it was a quiet evening with nothing notable to speak of except that it was warm and cozy, and it just felt like home. And yet, I felt it was worth noting here, because it's the type of thing that I want to remember later on down the road. 

In other news, the light each morning during this time of year is beautiful in an ethereal, melancholy sort of way. I wake up each morning and open the shades in the bedroom to let it filter in, and I usually end up standing there for a few moments just to look at it. I think that's a lovely way to start any day, don't you?