ACV Abroad

Apple cider vinegar, if you haven't already heard from all the numerous sources proclaiming its usefulness, is a wonder-substance. It can help with acne; it can apparently make your hair shinier (I've never tried that...); and most importantly, it can help to you avoid getting sick or, if you're already there, it can help you get better faster. These facts are nothing earth-shattering. Type "apple cider vinegar" into a Pinterest search bar and you'll be scrolling infinitely.

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My family has always used apple cider vinegar when we have a cold. My parents would always just add it to water, but as kids that offended our tongue's sensibilities, and so we added it to apple juice. Ideally, you don't want to take it with anything with sugar, since that counteracts the benefits of the vinegar, but it helped nonetheless. We'd find ourselves better in no time!

And so, whilst in England and finding myself coming down with cold-like symptoms, I knew I needed to find some. I took to Google and searched for the nearest grocery store. It was 0.8 miles, and despite my only available transportation method being my own two feet, I headed out.

I picked up some apple juice boxes (with no added sugar!), a bottle of apple cider vinegar, and of course some "dinner" of a small baguette, a block of extra-sharp cheddar, and a Lindt chocolate bar for dessert. I also threw in some cough drops for good measure, since instant gratification is sometimes useful.


After heading back to the hotel, I realized I was a little short on necessary supplies - a cup, for example. And is how to consume your apple cider vinegar as if you were in the woods.

Step 1: Open your juice box, drink a little so it doesn't spill, and then rip open the top:

Step 2: Once you have your juice box opened, pour some amount of ACV directly into the hold you created, ignoring the fact that it feels like you're spiking your juice:

Step 3: Drink up!

When I woke up the next morning, I felt great! It worked its magic, but I did it again the next night with my remaining juice, since I didn't want to waste the bottle of vinegar. Curse those small liquid limit TSA regulations.

There you have it: how to stay healthy in a foreignish country.