Puerto Rico in Pictures

If I were being completely honest, I'd probably tell you that Puerto Rico isn't my all time favorite destination, but saying that sounds repulsively snooty. It may just be the area I'm staying in - it's very...urban residential? I guess you could call it that. Basically it isn't anywhere near to things that you'd want to see. I also wouldn't trust valuable things to stay in my car overnight, but you could say that about any city, I think.

Nevertheless, it has some cool stuff! Each evening after work I've had a couple of hours of daylight left to fill with whatever the heck I want, and thus...to Old San Juan I went two days in a row. There were forts!

Also, many of the houses are painted fun colors, which makes everything bright and cheery, even though you're melting in the heat and sweating all over.


I liked the forts the best though.

And yet despite the cool forts and the balmy temperatures, I'm very ready to head back to my comfortable 30 degree weather, Thanksgiving preparations, and favorite human. Hasta la vista, Puerto Rico!