Drinking Vegetables

Now that Halloween is over and Thanksgiving is on its way, I've been thinking about how to eat better. See...I love candy with an unholy passion, so whenever we have some in the house, it slowly but very surely disappears. Into my mouth. Chaz does not suffer from the same affliction/addiction that I do, and therefore he remains immune to the perils of eating too much junk.

As a result, a couple of friends and I are jumping back into the crunchy world of Whole30 Whole-however-many-days-there-are-until-Thanksgiving. We'll see how it goes, since I'm going to be on yet another work trip next week...this time in Puerto Rico.

Last time when doing the Whole30, my default breakfast for almost the full 30 days was bacon and eggs in some capacity or another. That holds true today, at least:

But earlier this week, I added smoothies to my breakfast rotation. I figured it wouldn't be exactly healthy to have the same two ingredients every single day for breakfast, so this was a nice way to switch it up. 

I put three ingredients in my smoothies: a bowl-ful of frozen fruit, a splash and a half of orange juice, and enough spinach and/or kale to fill up my blender. When I'm trying to be Whole30 compliant, I'll make sure that it's an all natural orange juice with no added sugar, since sugar isn't allowed. Also, it should be noticed that my blender is not especially large. 

When you put it all in the blender, it looks so nice and colorful!

But I confess that when you're finished blending and you pour it all into a glass...it looks like horrible green sludge.

Nevertheless, after the first sip you don't taste spinach or kale at all, and instead you taste the fruit and lovely citrus-y accents (you know...because my smoothies are hoity-toity and high class), and it makes for a nice healthy breakfast with some vegetables hiding in the mix. Hurrah!

Now I need to go make some fajita marinade for dinner. Don't worry...I'll be eating them in lettuce wraps instead of tortillas. Just call my Crunchy McCruncherson, ok?