Packing Light

Normally, work trips take me somewhat boring places, like Columbus, Ohio or Bethesda, Maryland. That's not to say that I don't find cool things to do there (although that's not really the point of a business trip), but if I had a choice as to where I got to jet off to, it probably wouldn't be there. Well...this time I lucked out, and I'm heading to London tomorrow.

It's a quick trip: fly on Tuesday, arriving at 7:15 pm. Work for two days. Fly back on Friday. But on Friday, my flight isn't until 7:00 pm, which means that I have all day to scoot around London and act like a tourist. 

I learned from my Oslo trip that if you're going to be going around a city, it's best to not have to lug around a suitcase. I'm a light packer - last time I just had one rolling bag - but even with that, it's not fun to have extra baggage along for the ride.

So this time, I'm going even lighter. London, I'm coming to you...with only a backpack. 

I'm pretty sure I can do it, but I'll report from the airport tomorrow, and we'll see then how it worked out...