Topsfield Fair 2014

The Topsfield Fair has taken place every year (with a couple of exceptions during wars) since 1818. And every year since I arrived in the area in 2007, I have missed it. Year after year I've told myself that I'll go next year, and year after year I fail to uphold that promise to myself. So last week, I decided that THIS WAS THE YEAR. We would go on Saturday, and it would be great.

We woke up Saturday morning to the sound of raindrops. So much for that.

Fortunately, Sunday dawned bright and beautiful, so the plan wasn't dead.

This fall has been one of the most gorgeous in the past few years.

This fall has been one of the most gorgeous in the past few years.

As it turned out, every single person in all of New England had the same idea, and it was jam packed with folks of all varieties. At one point Chaz remarked, "I've never seen so many strollers in my life!"

The last time I was at a fair was probably...oh, sometime in early high school. I've decided that over the years and even in different states, fairs are pretty much the same: rides, games, junk food, animals, and huge pumpkins. And that was true for this fair as well.

Don't YOU want a huge puffy animal to take home?

Don't YOU want a huge puffy animal to take home?

And while walking around, we discussed the fact that there was simultaneously a lot to do and nothing to do. Regardless, we had fun, ate some deliciously unhealthy food (dude, the whoopie pies?), and spent too many ride tickets to go on the swings. What's not to love?

Not being from around here originally, it's nice to check one of the major attractions off my list. Extra Massachusetts points for me, but who's counting? Plus, I had a handsome date, which just made the whole experience better.

So far this post really doesn't have much of a point except that it's recapping. Thus, here are three things to give it automatic purposefullness:

  • Don't ever go to the fair on Columbus Day weekend the day before it closes, or you will be among thousands of other people.
  • If a performer almost dies when doing aerial stunts, walk away before you have a heart attack/he actually falls from a 30-foot rotating circle while blindfolded.
  • Make absolutely sure to get yourself a warm apple cider doughnut before you leave.

That's all, folks!