A (Personal) Note from Scott Brown


I'm sure everybody is getting these emails seeing as how it is less than a couple weeks until the upcoming elections. And certainly Scott Brown isn't the only one whose campaign sends these 'personal' emails asking for contributions, but what a strange email.

"I'm heading back to my truck, but wanted..." Wait, why do I care where you are headed right this moment, let alone that you are walking toward your extremely relatable truck? And it just occurred to you to send me a personal note right at that moment. And why are you calling me 'Chaz' like you know me? I want you to run the state, not be my friend.

I'm sure there is hard data behind methods of political communications showing that people buy it and are convinced. Me, I'm typically just baffled and often feel like campaigns don't understand that their methods of communication often have the opposite effect on me than I'm sure they would like. 

Are you convinced when you get emails from politicians (even ones you like)?