Recent Pursuits

I think that after graduating from college, I sort of assumed that life was pretty much over. That was a subconscious sort of thing - obviously life was not over just because school was finished. But I didn't really know what to do with myself. I had lots of interests, but because school was done, I figured learning had to be done as well.

So I went along with that for awhile. But it didn't feel particularly fulfilling. I wasn't content with feeling like I was now doomed to a life of unfinished accomplishments and mediocrity. Plus, there were things that I had wanted to learn during the schooling years that I never pursued as much as I would have liked.

I've coveted "fancy" cameras since the first time I had a point and shoot of my very own in high school. I had been enamored with photos for ages before that. My mom used to get prints of all the family's shots, and I'd get inordinately excited whenever I saw that a new package of photos had come in the mail. I'd pore over the 4x6 double prints right when they were fresh from the envelope, and then for many cumulative hours after my mom had put them all in albums.

So I made a decision. We went to Costco a few weekends ago (because Costco is the start of all great things) and picked up a brand spanking new Nikon camera. That was great all by itself, but it didn't quite satisfy my combined love of photography and my unconquerable need for academia. Thus, I signed up for a photography class. 

I can't say that I'll ever be really good. I know some really great photographers and that's actually a little intimidating, because I will perpetually feel like an amateur. But no one ever started out being awesome at anything (unless we're talking about Mozart, and even he took lessons in the beginning), and I have to start somewhere. So that somewhere is here. Let's hope my "after" picture is significantly better than this one.