Autumn is coming...

I'm going to be totally unique here and mention that I am beyond excited that fall is around the corner. In fact, I continue to wear clothing that's slightly too warm for the current weather simply because I wish it to be cooler. Doing so earns me nothing but extra sweat, but by Jove, I am prepared for cooler weather whether it's here or not. 

The Christmas Tree Shop(pe) was ready a full month ago, though. They're ambitious, those folks. 

I tried to make myself a summer bucket list. I wanted to go on a picnic, even if it was in our yard. I wanted to take a canoe down the river nearby. I wanted to go outside and look at the stars on a clear night. And I did zero of the items on that list. Instead I traveled for work,  and while that was fun in its own way, I ended up feeling like I missed summer entirely. As a result, I am DETERMINED(!) to avoid that pitfall this season. So, without further ado, I present to you my fall bucket list:

  1. Pick apples.
  2. Bake apple pie.
  3. Eat a fresh cider donut.
  4. Host a bonfire to make s'mores.

That's all I've got, and every single item on there involves food. It seems achievable, but given my deplorable summer bucket list status, I figured I'd keep it in the "everyone gets a trophy" realm as opposed to going for an Olympic gold. Hold me to it, ok? Now...what's on YOUR list?